Plant Pick Up 
It’s a thrill when you see your vision drawn on paper for you. Now is time to put that plan into action.

The final phase happens like this:
  • Your plans are ready and your design has been approved
  • The plants used in your design are set aside at the nursery
  • When you are ready to install, just purchase the plants used in the design and the plans will be given to you (no charge)

Our Top of the Line Design Work 

Next is the design phase The design phases happens like this:
  • Creation of initial design that captures the essence of your project
  • Formal review of initial design by company’s principal designer and owner
  • Final design finished and gone over with client for approval

Contact us about our free design services for the DIY'er

We understand budgets... We also understand the beauty and satisfaction in working in your own yard. For this reason we offer free design services. 

Your dream + our process

Contact us today to set up a time to have a designer meet at your property and go over what it is you are looking for. Our designers are experienced in producing beautiful plans for you and your property.

The process has 3 steps:



and Plant Pick Up

Design Services for the DIY'er

Our planning process is built around you. You’ll collaborate with our landscape designers to meticulously plan every detail without breaking your budget.

The planning phase happens like this: 
  • Initial consultation between you and a lead landscape architect
  • Detailed notes and measurements of the property taken by the designer to bring back to the drawing board
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